The Branding Basics Course

Branding Course + Templates + Community for those wanting more sales by looking good online.

Say goodbye to disheveled, DIY branding.

01 // Give your brand a professional makeover.

02 // Connect with your ideal target market.

03 // Make more sales and become a household name.


Our Branding Basics course reveals all of our branding secrets, and we don't hold anything back!

Get confident with branding

and professionally design your brand like a pro!

Real brands. Real results.


01 // Kashify: Saving the American Dream by making funding for your small business as quick and effortless as possible.

Style Guide Created in our Branding Basics Course

We were able to secure a $1million investment deal 2 days after launching our re-brand from the Branding Basics course with LIFE LIKE THIS!!

- Chad Tongco, Kashify President & CEO

Before the Branding Basics course we were lost in the world of Social Media. After the course, we're seeing great success.

- Steve Beaman, Chairman & CEO of Kashify's holding PE Firm

Hear it straight from Steve Beaman, the Chairman and CEO of Kashify's holding Private Equity Firm, White Thorne Holdings.


We believe branding done right results in

  • higher sales
  • a more loyal customer base
  • strategically customized business growth, finance and marketing plans
  • and freedom outside of business for the business owner

But to achieve this your brand must be intentionally designed.

We'll show you how.

With this course


  1. Launch a new brand in as few as a couple of weeks.
  2. Establish a cultural movement around your product, service or technology.
  3. Bring in more sales, regularly, from qualified customers.
  4. Feel confident showcasing your branding online.
  5. Have a lifelong skill to execute across all your business ventures.

We Believe

that's why our lessons + homework initiatives average less than 5-10 minutes per day!

Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Toni Marie!

I help brands become household names.

  • Former photographer
  • Branded photography biz to make $5k per hour
  • While working <5 hrs per week
  • Now I teach others to do the same
  • Texan + Daughter to King Jesus + DTS Seminary student majoring in Theology and Apologetics

Real brands. Real results.


02 // Kauai Aesthetics: Making you look and feel your best.

Style Guide Created in our Branding Basics Course

After the Branding Basics Course I have a more targeted demographic and the clientele that I've always wanted.

-Kelly Sasaki, Founder & CEO of Kauai Aesthetics

Social + Stationary assets Kauai Aesthetics was able to create because of the brand strategy and professional Branding Assets they created in our course.

Marketing was so exhausting before the Branding Basics Course. After my re-brand I have so much more free time to focus on my personal life!

- Kelly Sasaki, Founder & CEO of Kauai Aesthetics

Hear it straight from Kelly ...


Short, easy lessons + initiatives (about 5 min) to implement branding lesson into you brand in the real world, same day.

Instant. Unlimited. One-year Access. Always available.


What You'll Learn


Topics Covered

01 // Birthing Your Brand: Design a message that subconsciously communicates to your target market.

  1. Brand Audit
  2. Customer Research
  3. Curating your Purpose: Vision, Mission and Values Statements to inform your Positioning and Branding Assets
  4. Positioning Your Brand

02 // Designing Your Assets: Create branding elements that psychologically communicate your message.

  1. Transposing Your Purpose Into A Brand Identity
  2. Designing Your Visual Identity System
  3. Color, Fonts, Graphics
  4. Running A Professional Branding Photoshoot With Pros
  5. Logo Suite

03 // All while at the same time

  1. Mastering graphic design basics to implement your new brand
  2. Creating and nurturing lifelong business friendships, partnerships + networking opportunities in Small Groups
  3. Implementing your brand as you go, so when the course is done, your assets are already implemented

The Branding Basics Course + LIFE LIKE THIS Community


80+ Hours of Engaging, 5-10 Minute Lessons

100% online video lessons. Unlimited, 1-year access. Learn from home. At your own pace. On your own schedule.

Digital Student Workbook

We've basically done all of your homework initiatives for you. Just fill in the template answers and *BOOM*, you're done, homeskillet.

Small Group Access

Everything you want is on the other side of consistency...and we hold you accountable. Your colleagues know your business and you know theirs.

The LIFE LIKE THIS Community

Join group coaching sessions, community networking opportunities and support.

Real brands. Real results.


03 // Diana Marie Notary: Always correct. Always on time.

Style Guide Created in our Branding Basics Course

I don't feel like a one-man-band anymore. I'm much more competitive in the market.

- Diana Marie, Founder of Diana Marie Mobile Notary & First Place Engraving

Hear it straight from Diana...


Here's to your future


There's no risk to you!


Our Branding Basics Course is backed by our honest 100% money back guarantee. So there's ZERO RISK to you! If you purchase the course, watch all the lessons, complete the workbook and, in good faith, tell us you as a result of the course, email us within 30 days of your purchase with your completed workbook and we'll refund your entire purchase.


Hear it straight from our Branding Basics students.


  • You feel stuck in your business and know you need a brand to take your business to the next level.
  • You're ready to scale.
  • You don't know graphic design.
  • You don't know what to design for marketing or social media.
  • You don't yet have a brand.
  • Your brand is dated.
  • You're ready to have customers who rave about you and your brand.
  • You want a branding system that will bring you solid, qualified customers.
  • You're ready to feel confident when showcasing your brand online.

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